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You’ve got to watch “Democracy in Peril” on CNN

CNN's "Democracy in Peril" is exactly how news organization should acknowledge and cover the biggest, most dangerous political story in America. Will CNN keep it going?

Reporters blame Biden for not uniting the country; Biden blames Trump — and Fox

Biden identified the GOP's lockstep fealty to the former guy as a huge obstacle, along with the public's difficulty distinguishing between what's true and what isn't.

Where are the interviews with regular Americans terrified for our democracy?

People who are anxious about our possible slide into authoritarianism are practically invisible in recent mainstream political coverage.

By their acts, top newsrooms reject calls to be ‘pro-democracy’

Actual pro-democracy reporting doesn't simply entail writing movingly about its death. A genuine pro-democracy reporter would also write – obsessively -- about what would help it survive.