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Don’t fall for Trump’s effort to recast himself as the benevolent leader of a unified country

After weeks spent angrily downplaying the threat of the coronavirus, Donald Trump is now trying to describe the nation’s inconsistent and still wildly insufficient response as some sort of glorious – even “beautiful” -- expression of national unity.

Here is how our top news outlets cover Trump simply making stuff up

Trump can say whatever he wants and he still gets the kind of coverage normal presidents get when they say something controversial, rather than the coverage that a compulsively lying president ought to get when he says something that’s obviously made up.

Will Trump seize emergency powers out of self preservation?

https://youtu.be/lTOs7KqRgOk (Originally published on White House Watch.) Raising the possibility of Donald Trump invoking emergency powers rather than get impeached or lose reelection, the Brennan Center...

How the Los Angeles Times could beat the New York Times in Washington: By covering politics with a View From California instead of Nowhere

(Originally published on Medium.) The once-mighty Los Angeles Times Washington bureau is a shade of its former self. A total of 15 reporters and editors...

The journalistic crusade to save democracy starts with the First Amendment

Assaults on freedom of the press aren't inside baseball.  These are the front lines. This is a huge story.

“Dear Trolls”: A fill-in-the-blanks form letter news organizations can use next time a right-wing...

Every news organizations should have a “straightforward protocol” for responding to “targeted campaigns that seek to undermine the legitimacy of news organizations and obscure the facts around conflicts.” Just fill in the blanks.

The flailing Washington Post gets a new leader, with no time to lose

Sally Buzbee enters a newsroom in crisis. Her most urgent task is to establish clear, honest, and principled ways of covering a major political party that is increasingly devoted to subverting democracy.

New York Times says goodbye to ‘op-eds’ and hello to ‘guest essays’ — but...

The key for the Times opinion section going forward should be quality control, not opinion control. There should be a near-zero tolerance for bad-faith arguments. And if Republicans refuse, they haven't been canceled, they've opted out.