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Dean Baquet interview demonstrates why bothsidesism is alive and well at his New York Times

Talking to Michael Barbaro on the Times’s “The Daily” podcast, Baquet refused to in any way condemn a recent Times article that was widely and appropriately cited as a canonical example of bothesidesism, and instead reiterated that Times reporters will not be “taking sides” -- even when one side is the truth and the other side is a lie.

Here is how our top news outlets cover Trump simply making stuff up

Trump can say whatever he wants and he still gets the kind of coverage normal presidents get when they say something controversial, rather than the coverage that a compulsively lying president ought to get when he says something that’s obviously made up.

Will Trump seize emergency powers out of self preservation?

https://youtu.be/lTOs7KqRgOk (Originally published on White House Watch.) Raising the possibility of Donald Trump invoking emergency powers rather than get impeached or lose reelection, the Brennan Center...

Trump predicts two bad weeks followed by ‘a burst of light’ and political press...

Yes, it was Trump’s first public acknowledgment of the true scale of the disastrous coronavirus pandemic. But reporters largely ignored that it was accompanied by yet another round of magical thinking on his part.

Political journalists are still headlining Trump’s nonsense and trying to explain his decision-making. Stop!

Trump repeatedly makes it clear to anyone listening that he has no idea what he's talking about, and no plan to get the country back to normal. But too many political journalists are still working under assumptions that apply to normal presidents and trying to explain his thinking.

Don’t fall for Trump’s effort to recast himself as the benevolent leader of a...

After weeks spent angrily downplaying the threat of the coronavirus, Donald Trump is now trying to describe the nation’s inconsistent and still wildly insufficient response as some sort of glorious – even “beautiful” -- expression of national unity.

The question the press should be asking: How will we know when it’s safe...

Public-health experts say the only way life will return to something like normal is if the government initiates widespread, quick-turnaround, publicly-reported testing for the virus – not just of the sick, but of cross sections of every community. Everything the government does in the short term should be measured against that goal.