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“Complicit enablers”: 20 years later, the press corps has learned nothing

There were some incredibly obvious lessons to be learned from the media's failure in the run-up to war in Iraq. For the record, here are a few of them.

Fox’s big reveal is a teachable moment about journalism

Now is the time to publicly and definitively explain journalism's core values and how Fox does not share them, and to never again allow anyone – the public, the pollsters, the funders, the political parties – to confuse the two.

The Washington Post opinion section is a sad, toxic wasteland

The Washington Post opinion section is dull, addled, and inconsequential. It doesn’t come in for remotely as much criticism as the New York Times's -- but that’s because nobody cares about it enough to criticize it.

At the New York Times, it’s the comfortable versus the afflicted

The dismissive response to a complaint about negative bias in reporting about transgender people reflects an ongoing newsroom rift.