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Online sleuths: Prepare to pull on the 1/6 committee’s loose ends!

There will be way more good bits ends in the supporting material than the press corps can handle on its own.

Just like Elon Musk, the New York Times can’t stop trolling the libs

In an article that laid bare the pathologies of the Times newsroom, star reporter Jeremy Peters actually wrote that what Elon Musk stands for "remains largely unclear."

Donald Trump is not “embracing extremism.” He’s way beyond that.

Extremism is threatening to tank the world economy unless we cut Social Security. This is way, way beyond that. It is abhorrent conduct that shouldn't be considered acceptable in American society.

Here’s what political reporters care about, and it’s not you

Going against the conventional wisdom is a great way for political reporters to lose face with the people who matter to them.

I win an argument with Blake Hounshell

The author of the New York Times's marquee political newsletter seemed perplexed: Did I really think the Times hadn't done enough to warn the public of the threats to democracy?

It’s not a fluke, it’s a rot: Why the political media blew the 2022 election

Ever since they started handicapping the 2022 election, political journalists have refused to even consider that voters might reject extremism.

The “democracy teams” let democracy down

Passive construction and ambiguity instead of active verbs and finger-pointing has undermined what should have been pro-democracy coverage in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Why aren’t mainstream journalists sounding the alarm about the threat to democracy?

Could it be that the country's comfortable, elite journalists take democracy so much for granted that they think the threats are overblown?

The New York Times is making a mockery of democracy fears

A front-page article by Jonathan Weisman asserted that "just what is threatening democracy depends on who you talk to."

Congratulations, mainstream media. Everyone thinks you’re ruining America.

If people on "every side" think the news media is not just bad, but a major threat to democracy, then it seems some self-reflection might be in order.

National media turns its failure into clickbait headlines about apathy

If, in fact, Americans care more about a transitory bout of inflation than the potentially permanent loss of majority rule in this country, that is an absolute tragedy, and a devastating verdict on the failure of the national media.

Replace “fact checking” with credibility meters

Every news organization in America should identify defining assertions from each candidate they cover, assess their accuracy, then let the readers know, overall, who’s credible and who isn’t.

Let the media and the public see the Jan. 6 committee’s “mountain of evidence” – now!

The vast amount of documents and video the committee has collected inevitably includes outrages that didn't make it into their hearings. We need an army of journalists -- including citizen journalists -- to start sifting through it now, before the midterms.

The Washington Post has a Bezos problem

Jeff Bezos's ownership constitutes a massive and almost entirely unaddressed conflict of interest for the Washington Post.

Who’s running the Washington Post?

Nine years after he bought the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos finally has a management team in place that is entirely his own. It's pretty weak.