Yearly Archives: 2022

All police lie

News organizations are belatedly "raising questions" about the police response at Robb Elementary School, now that it appears we were all wildly misled.

It’s the Republicans who have turned guns into a political issue

Reporters are getting the gun control story all wrong. It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It's about whether Republicans can put politics aside in the name of the little boys and girls of Uvalde and Newtown and whichever town is next.

Can the New York Times save itself — and us?

The Times has lost its bearings when it comes to political coverage -- at the worst possible time. The new editor, Joe Kahn, will need to betray his predecessor to put it back on course.

Replacement rhetoric is the litmus test the media has been waiting for

The concept of the intentional replacement of white people by nonwhite people, in any form, is a racist conspiracy theory that should be abhorrent to everyone.

A “challenge” to Biden’s battle against racism? Let me rewrite that for you.

I would have written that the Buffalo massacre was a gruesome reminder of the importance of Biden’s desire to “restore the soul of America”.

CBS helps world’s biggest arms dealer hone his pitch

The network invited the CEO of Lockheed onto its marquee news show to talk about the war -- and tossed him bouquets.

Warnings of 1/6 attack were ignored for obvious but still unnamed reasons

Reporters have blamed "intelligence failures" and "unique breakdowns" in communication, when the obvious reason law enforcement leaders didn't mobilize was racism and Trumpism.

Has the American press corps entirely forgotten about Iraq?

There are times, especially at war, when things we believe at the time turn out to be wrong. The press's role should be to aggressively question every governmental act that leads to death and destruction, even if the intent seems noble.

The U.S. is helping kill Russian generals, the New York Times reports, unquestioningly

There’s no discussion of whether it’s worth provoking Putin into a wider war. No dissenters are quoted. No dissent is even noted.

The repeal of Roe has vast consequences, but the news coverage is constrained

An enormous, course-altering social change is now officially on the brink of happening, and they blither about process?

The political media is in denial, and the consequences will be dire

The Republican Party wants to usher in a new Dark Age in America. The political press acts like that's normal.

Opening the next front in the battle against Fox News

If you get cable, you're paying $2 a month for Fox News whether you like it or not. Which cable company will be the first to change that?

Whiny, “bored” White House reporters evoke no sympathy

Trump was energizing to these people, while the hard work of governing leaves them cold.

Trump’s return to Twitter poses another test the media will fail

Putting Trump back on Twitter will return him to the de facto position of assignment editor for our major newsrooms.

Explosive NYT story on Jared Kushner ignored by almost everyone, including the NYT

Almost no pick-up. No follow-ups. This is how a great story was left to die.