Yearly Archives: 2021

When facts have a liberal bias, New York Times editors can get squirmy

Veteran New York Times reporter Nina Bernstein describes the institutional conflicts that sometimes prevent reporters from writing too frankly about contentious issues.

Coverage of Chris Wallace’s split downplayed Fox’s function as a vector for disinformation and death

The abrupt departure gave reality-based journalists clear license to stop the lame euphemisms and call Fox what it is: a propaganda and disinformation operation.

What does the Republican Party stand for besides ‘let’s go Brandon’?

If Republicans themselves won't tell the voters about their agenda, then it's incumbent on political journalists to do it for them.

‘I think we need to rethink entirely how we do things,’ says Dana Milbank of the Washington Post

A longtime political journalist accused his colleagues of being "accessories to the murder of democracy.” I asked him what they should do differently.

Why did it take CNN so long to fire Chris Cuomo?

CNN executives, as guardians of one of the most important brands in news, shouldn't have let Cuomo duck accountability for so long.

When the 3rd paragraph of your hot take starts ‘It’s not exactly a surprise,’ maybe you should reconsider your line of work

A Politico item on Anthony Fauci not appearing on Fox grants the propaganda network a legitimacy it doesn't deserve.

Will the end of abortion rights rouse the political press from its everything’s-fine stupor?

They should start pre-writing their obituaries for abortion rights so they don't understate the significance in the rush of a deadline.

Trump looking for ‘help’ from state legislatures in 2024? Let me rewrite that for you.

Trump's preparations to steal the 2024 election are beyond alarming. But an NBC News story tried to make them sound innocuous.

I am thankful for journalists who bring clarity to our times

I am particularly grateful for mainstream journalists who help the public understand the most important, troubling, and sometimes intentionally misconstrued issues facing the nation.

More media figures need to publicly renounce Fox’s propaganda and disinformation channel

It's time for leaders in journalism and academe to state definitively that Fox is a pariah network.

Rittenhouse shootings took place “amid violent protests”? Let me rewrite that for you.

The single most important fact about the Rittenhouse case is that he, a white kid, brought a killing machine to a protest for Black lives that offended him. Why is the corporate media burying this?

Holding him to the Trump standard, media finds Biden doing terribly

White House reporters crave a president who is gregarious and constantly engaging with them, always making news. So is it any surprise they consider Biden is a failure?

Handicapping the midterm elections? Let me rewrite that for you.

Ignoring or forgetting their own reporting on how dangerously extreme the Republican Party has become, political journalists are calmly -- even confidently -- predicting GOP victories in 2022 and beyond.

Political reporting hit another low last week

Political journalists, the day after a dishonest and racist strategy seems to them to have worked, write about it as a winner.

So much wrong in just one paragraph by Jeremy Peters of the New York Times

Times reporters have a bad habit of finding ringers to illustrate their preconceptions.