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“Complicit enablers”: 20 years later, the press corps has learned nothing

There were some incredibly obvious lessons to be learned from the media's failure in the run-up to war in Iraq. For the record, here are a few of them.

Fox’s big reveal is a teachable moment about journalism

Now is the time to publicly and definitively explain journalism's core values and how Fox does not share them, and to never again allow anyone – the public, the pollsters, the funders, the political parties – to confuse the two.

The Washington Post opinion section is a sad, toxic wasteland

The Washington Post opinion section is dull, addled, and inconsequential. It doesn’t come in for remotely as much criticism as the New York Times's -- but that’s because nobody cares about it enough to criticize it.

At the New York Times, it’s the comfortable versus the afflicted

The dismissive response to a complaint about negative bias in reporting about transgender people reflects an ongoing newsroom rift.

Press criticism is everywhere. But the industry isn’t listening.

Political reporters at major news organizations are letting right-wing narratives determine their tone and their agenda, and more people are noticing.

The Washington Post is doomed without a major reset

New ownership, with a powerful sense of public service, could take advantage of the huge opportunity to become the world leader in U.S. political and government news presented by the abysmal failure of the industry-leading New York Times to adjust to the asymmetry of the current political environment.

The story no one wants to touch: Why the Capitol Police enabled 1/6

Congressional investigators didn't connect the obvious dots -- and neither have journalists. Until now.