Yearly Archives: 2023

Moments of truth-telling in shutdown coverage, but bad habits prevail

How can democracy self-correct if the public does not understand where the problem lies?

Journalists are both-sidesing the GOP’s evidence-lacking impeachment stunt

Journalists keep implying that the Republicans have some iota of credible evidence of Biden's corruption, when they do not.

What Kristen Welker should have done with Trump

Any self-respecting political journalist would interview Trump -- to confront him with his lies. NBC's Kristin Welker barely even tried.

Democracy coverage is falling disastrously short

It's Democracy Day. And a very unhappy Democracy Day to you!

CNN should become the anti-Fox/pro-truth network

The CNN I have in mind would identify what the public misunderstands the most, then throw everything they’ve got at helping the public understand it better.

The evening news shows neglect their responsibility to inform the know-nothings

Evening news shows should be particularly thoroughly about explaining the facts that right-wing sources obscure and deny. But they fail to do so.

A desperate appeal to newsroom leaders on the eve of a chaos election

Experts share their urgent suggestions for improving election coverage by focusing on what's at stake rather than the horse race.

All these Trump indictments are a bore? Let me rewrite that for you.

These indictments signify that years of impunity are finally at an end; that an accountability moment has finally arrived. That is not boring!

A pliant political press is wildly overplaying the Hunter Biden story

Hunter Biden's legal woes are newsworthy. No question. But how newsworthy?

Political journalists are destigmatizing racism. (And no, anti-antiracism is not a thing.)

The elite political media is normalizing the return of overt racism into our political discourse.

Our so-called liberal media covers up the right’s racism and growing homophobia

Political reporters routinely fail readers by not calling out the racist and increasingly homophobic motivations of right-wing leaders. I have receipts.

Political reporters are encouraging DeSantis to cheat

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has illegally funded his super PAC and then put it in charge of most of what a campaign normally does. It ought to be a scandal.

‘Every alarm bell in the planet is ringing right now’ – but political reporters aren’t listening

Political reporters should be asking and writing about climate change every day.

Just when they’re needed the most, the Washington Post is demoting political cartoons

The new regime at the Washington Post is afraid to publish political cartoons, Why?

This emerging 2024 political narrative is a distraction from the real drama

"They're both flawed" is a catchy both-sides narrative. It's also journalistic malpractice.