CNN's "Democracy in Peril" is exactly how news organization should acknowledge and cover the biggest, most dangerous political story in America. Will CNN keep it going?

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Reporters blame Biden for not uniting the country; Biden blames Trump — and Fox

Biden identified the GOP's lockstep fealty to the former guy as a huge obstacle, along with the public's difficulty distinguishing between what's true and what isn't.

Where are the interviews with regular Americans terrified for our democracy?

People who are anxious about our possible slide into authoritarianism are practically invisible in recent mainstream political coverage.

By their acts, top newsrooms reject calls to be ‘pro-democracy’

Actual pro-democracy reporting doesn't simply entail writing movingly about its death. A genuine pro-democracy reporter would also write – obsessively -- about what would help it survive.

What’s in the election bills? Reporters don’t care and won’t tell you.

Reporters are madly covering whether Democrats will end--run the filibuster to pass two election bills. But what's in those bills? Good luck finding out by reading the news.

Which newsrooms are trying to make the economy look bad?

News organizations have personalities and politics. You can see them clearly when they all write different stories about the same thing.

The year accountability died

Despite the Republican Party's attempt to steal a presidential election, our elite media can't bring itself to say that the party has crossed the line.


Press Watch mission statement: Political journalism needs a reset

No one can possibly argue that modern political journalism has fulfilled its essential mission of creating an informed electorate. Here's how it needs to change.


Coverage of Chris Wallace’s split downplayed Fox’s function as a vector for disinformation and...

The abrupt departure gave reality-based journalists clear license to stop the lame euphemisms and call Fox what it is: a propaganda and disinformation operation.

More media figures need to publicly renounce Fox’s propaganda and disinformation channel

It's time for leaders in journalism and academe to state definitively that Fox is a pariah network.



Political journalists are doing voter interviews all wrong

How reporters go about interviewing voters, where they go, who they talk to, what they presuppose, and most importantly what questions they ask can make the difference between the stuff of parody and the best kind of political journalism. The key to doing it right is to explore not just voters’ political opinions, but their formative moments and their value systems.
A chart from the Shorenstein Center report "In the Shadow of Kerner: Fifty Years Later, Newsroom Diversity and Equity Stall".

Newsrooms are struggling to cover race

The role of race and racism in American politics has always been significant. These days, it is central to the political divide in our country. Understanding and being able to explain its complexities is essential to cover this moment coherently. And yet the gaze of our elite American newsrooms remains intractably white and male. So they fail.


When the 3rd paragraph of your hot take starts ‘It’s not exactly a surprise,’ maybe you should reconsider your line of work

A Politico item on Anthony Fauci not appearing on Fox grants the propaganda network a legitimacy it doesn't deserve.

Trump looking for ‘help’ from state legislatures in 2024? Let me rewrite that for you.

Trump's preparations to steal the 2024 election are beyond alarming. But an NBC News story tried to make them sound innocuous.

Rittenhouse shootings took place “amid violent protests”? Let me rewrite that for you.

The single most important fact about the Rittenhouse case is that he, a white kid, brought a killing machine to a protest for Black lives that offended him. Why is the corporate media burying this?

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