A Politico item on Anthony Fauci not appearing on Fox grants the propaganda network a legitimacy it doesn't deserve.

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Will the end of abortion rights rouse the political press from its everything’s-fine stupor?

They should start pre-writing their obituaries for abortion rights so they don't understate the significance in the rush of a deadline.

Trump looking for ‘help’ from state legislatures in 2024? Let me rewrite that for you.

Trump's preparations to steal the 2024 election are beyond alarming. But an NBC News story tried to make them sound innocuous.

I am thankful for journalists who bring clarity to our times

I am particularly grateful for mainstream journalists who help the public understand the most important, troubling, and sometimes intentionally misconstrued issues facing the nation.

More media figures need to publicly renounce Fox’s propaganda and disinformation channel

It's time for leaders in journalism and academe to state definitively that Fox is a pariah network.

Rittenhouse shootings took place “amid violent protests”? Let me rewrite that for you.

The single most important fact about the Rittenhouse case is that he, a white kid, brought a killing machine to a protest for Black lives that offended him. Why is the corporate media burying this?

Holding him to the Trump standard, media finds Biden doing terribly

White House reporters crave a president who is gregarious and constantly engaging with them, always making news. So is it any surprise they consider Biden is a failure?


Press Watch mission statement: Political journalism needs a reset

No one can possibly argue that modern political journalism has fulfilled its essential mission of creating an informed electorate. Here's how it needs to change.



Andrew Taylor exit interview: Dysfunctional Congress and “scoop culture” lead reporters to over-hype faux...

Reporters rush madly after deceptive talking points and hype conflict, rather than focusing on the big story, which is how little Congress actually does.

20 years after 9/11, political journalists decry extreme polarization but blame no one, certainly...

The same elite journalists who contemporaneously failed to hold the responsible parties accountable are now telling us self-servingly that there is really no one to blame.


A scene from "All the President's Men"

Anonymity for sources shouldn’t come cheap

The granting of anonymity in political journalism has always been a source of confusion and concern. But the dynamics are even more fraught when the White House is awash in chaos, misdirection, and lies. Are reporters getting valuable information in return for the anonymity they grant? And what should they do when the people to whom they have granted anonymity lie to them?
A chart from the Shorenstein Center report "In the Shadow of Kerner: Fifty Years Later, Newsroom Diversity and Equity Stall".

Newsrooms are struggling to cover race

The role of race and racism in American politics has always been significant. These days, it is central to the political divide in our country. Understanding and being able to explain its complexities is essential to cover this moment coherently. And yet the gaze of our elite American newsrooms remains intractably white and male. So they fail.


Will the end of abortion rights rouse the political press from its everything’s-fine stupor?

They should start pre-writing their obituaries for abortion rights so they don't understate the significance in the rush of a deadline.

Limbaugh obituaries show the mainstream media still fawning over the people who poisoned politics

Our newsroom leaders still cannot bring themselves to declare that the hysteria and conspiracy theories that once inhabited only the lunatic fringes of our political discourse – until Rush Limbaugh, and then Donald Trump, came along – don’t merit respect, but banishment, rejection, and denial.

Washington Post editor Marty Baron grudgingly admits failure to be ‘forthright about Trump’s mendacity’

To those of us hoping for a journalistic reckoning in the post-Trump era, it's disheartening that the first admission of fault from a senior newsroom leader amounts to little more than a "whatever."

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