Kevin McCarthy
How can democracy self-correct if the public does not understand where the problem lies?


Jim Jordan

Journalists are both-sidesing the GOP’s evidence-lacking impeachment stunt

Journalists keep implying that the Republicans have some iota of credible evidence of Biden's corruption, when they do not.
Trump and Welker

What Kristen Welker should have done with Trump

Any self-respecting political journalist would interview Trump -- to confront him with his lies. NBC's Kristin Welker barely even tried.

Democracy coverage is falling disastrously short

It's Democracy Day. And a very unhappy Democracy Day to you!

CNN should become the anti-Fox/pro-truth network

The CNN I have in mind would identify what the public misunderstands the most, then throw everything they’ve got at helping the public understand it better.
Transcript of Aug. 1 CBS Evening News broadcast.

The evening news shows neglect their responsibility to inform the know-nothings

Evening news shows should be particularly thoroughly about explaining the facts that right-wing sources obscure and deny. But they fail to do so.

A desperate appeal to newsroom leaders on the eve of a chaos election

Experts share their urgent suggestions for improving election coverage by focusing on what's at stake rather than the horse race.


Press Watch mission statement: Political journalism needs a reset

No one can possibly argue that modern political journalism has fulfilled its essential mission of creating an informed electorate. Here's how it needs to change.


Horse race

Focus on tactics over substance takes all the meaning out of politics

Taking sides is the ultimate sin for political reporters. That’s why "who’s winning?” and “how are the optics?” are vastly preferable topics than “who’s right?” and “is that a good idea?”
An actual section of the leaked full transcript of a Wall Street Journal interview of Trump in 2017, which included then-editor-in-chief Gerard Baker.

Too many political journalists are too damned timid

Great political journalism requires the courage to state the obvious. Sadly, our access-dependent, approval-seeking, risk-averse, group-thinking elite Washington press corps often doesn’t have the guts. You don't get to the top of the political-journalism universe by offending important sources and making your bosses nervous.


Just when they’re needed the most, the Washington Post is demoting political cartoons

The new regime at the Washington Post is afraid to publish political cartoons, Why?
Discord Leaks image

Washington Post is furtively sitting on a secret trove of Discord leaks

When a news organization has exclusive access to secrets that are effectively still secret, they have an obligation to publish them judiciously and maintain the secrecy of those that deserve it.


At the New York Times, it’s the comfortable versus the afflicted

The dismissive response to a complaint about negative bias in reporting about transgender people reflects an ongoing newsroom rift.

Press criticism is everywhere. But the industry isn’t listening.

Political reporters at major news organizations are letting right-wing narratives determine their tone and their agenda, and more people are noticing.

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