I tried to save Tom Edsall from himself. It didn’t work.

I told Tom Edsall that journalists should reject right-wing framing on culture-war issues. Then -- surprise! – Edsall went right off and did exactly what I advised against.

The New York Times editorial board should retract and resign

An editorial asserting a right not to be held accountable by others for what you say signifies a fatal rot at the heart of the New York Times editorial board.

A pitch-perfect parody of the NYT’s amoral political relativism

Friday's New York Times politics newsletter was a masterpiece of amoral and irresponsible political relativism. It inspired a brilliant parody, based on how the newsletter's authors would have reported after the 1929 stock market crash.

New York Times editor Dean Baquet doesn’t care what you think

Baquet is simply unable to acknowledge the major flaws that profoundly undermine the newsroom he has led for eight years. Rather, he lashes out at critics -- on Twitter in particular.

Still just repeating whatever Trump says? Let me rewrite that for you.

The Washington Post’s coverage of Trump's latest ludicrous statement was utterly deadpan and stenographic. But something good happened at the New York Times!

Gaslighting in the news pages of the New York Times

Republicans, Annie Karni wrote, "have been intent on rehabilitating themselves in the eyes of voters after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol last year." That's delusional.

So much wrong in just one paragraph by Jeremy Peters of the New York...

Times reporters have a bad habit of finding ringers to illustrate their preconceptions.

New York Times reporters humiliate themselves again

An overwrought and smarmy lead Times story by Jonathan Weisman and Emily Cochrane described what may end up as a blip as a sky-is-falling scenario for Democrats undermined by a “liberal revolt” that amounted to a “humiliating blow” for Biden.

New York Times says goodbye to ‘op-eds’ and hello to ‘guest essays’ — but...

The key for the Times opinion section going forward should be quality control, not opinion control. There should be a near-zero tolerance for bad-faith arguments. And if Republicans refuse, they haven't been canceled, they've opted out.

How the New York Times suckers itself into publishing Republican propaganda

The Times has been caught, once again, passing off Republican operatives as “regular” Republican voters in an article intended to show how effectively Trump is maintaining his support.