The Washington Post is doomed without a major reset

New ownership, with a powerful sense of public service, could take advantage of the huge opportunity to become the world leader in U.S. political and government news presented by the abysmal failure of the industry-leading New York Times to adjust to the asymmetry of the current political environment.

Just like Elon Musk, the New York Times can’t stop trolling the libs

In an article that laid bare the pathologies of the Times newsroom, star reporter Jeremy Peters actually wrote that what Elon Musk stands for "remains largely unclear."

Donald Trump is not “embracing extremism.” He’s way beyond that.

Extremism is threatening to tank the world economy unless we cut Social Security. This is way, way beyond that. It is abhorrent conduct that shouldn't be considered acceptable in American society.

The “democracy teams” let democracy down

Passive construction and ambiguity instead of active verbs and finger-pointing has undermined what should have been pro-democracy coverage in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The New York Times is making a mockery of democracy fears

A front-page article by Jonathan Weisman asserted that "just what is threatening democracy depends on who you talk to."

The New York Times has a diversity problem

New evidence shows that New York Times management doesn’t just underappreciate diversity in its newsroom, but actively devalues it.

Who hates inclusivity? The question answers itself.

There’s currently no widely acceptable way for the rich, white and cis to directly express their desire to maintain their position of control and power and superiority over others. So all the emotional intensity – and money – behind that worldview gets poured into this insane bucket of anti-wokeism.

At the New York Times, the ‘Democracy Team’ is outnumbered and outgunned

Activating a “Democracy Team” -- like the Times did -- doesn’t do much good if the rest of the newsroom is on Team Impunity.

Can the New York Times save itself — and us?

The Times has lost its bearings when it comes to political coverage -- at the worst possible time. The new editor, Joe Kahn, will need to betray his predecessor to put it back on course.

Explosive NYT story on Jared Kushner ignored by almost everyone, including the NYT

Almost no pick-up. No follow-ups. This is how a great story was left to die.