Please support Press Watch’s first-ever fundraising drive

Founded in October 2019 by longtime journalist and media critic Dan Froomkin, Press Watch is an independent non-profit organization devoted to encouraging political journalists to live up to the highest standards of their profession. At this moment, that means fighting disinformation rather than spreading it, and fighting for democracy rather than both-sidesing it. See Press Watch’s mission statement.

Renowned Atlantic editor and correspondent James Fallows calls Press Watch “lively and indispensable” and “just the dose of sanity amid madness we need.”

Acclaimed broadcaster Bill Moyers calls Press Watch “essential to our understanding of what’s really going on in Washington today.” He adds: “Dan Froomkin knows that what’s important to journalists is not how close we are to power but how close we are to reality. That’s why so many of us trust his reporting.”

Here’s why we launched our first fundraising drive:

  • Press Watch is now officially a nonprofit! That means your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law (retroactively to January). Our federal tax ID is #86-1518589.
  • Press Watch has received a matching grant for up to $100,000 from a loyal and committed supporter of accountability journalism.
  • You can now donate through a new non-profit called, which accepts stock and crypto in addition to the usual.
  • Press Watch’s mission to reset political journalism has never been more important.

So please consider making a donation (one-time or recurring) to keep Press Watch going strong. You can

  • Donate directly using Paypal, Venmo, or check.
  • Donate through the platform.
  • Do you have a Donor Advised Trust? You can donate through, or contact me for details.
  • However you donate, your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by a supporter.

And do you have an in with a philanthropy or individual philanthropist? Please let them know about Press Watch (or let me know about them.)

As always, send me an email anytime, I’m always happy to hear from readers.