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Another ridiculously credulous Trump headline – and article — from the New York Times*...

Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman accepted what White House officials said about a new executive order on face value. But their report, stating that Trump would order Judaism to be interpreted as a nationality, lacked appropriate skepticism about the motives behind the move -- and maybe about its meaning as well.

The facts need a bullhorn

Yes, the damning facts about the threat to democracy are in a lot of campaign news stories, somewhere. But when they are conveyed in such a voiceless and euphemistic way, they lose their meaning. Our top newsrooms need to stop muffling the truth in the name of theoretical objectivity.

Trump’s every lie was intentional

Even after our top political reporters started using the right word to describe Trump's lies, they didn’t explain why he was lying. That was a huge mistake, with major repercussions today.

At the New York Times, the ‘Democracy Team’ is outnumbered and outgunned

Activating a “Democracy Team” -- like the Times did -- doesn’t do much good if the rest of the newsroom is on Team Impunity.

Does the mainstream media want Trump to run again and win?

I don't think most reporters and editors are rooting for Trump. But I have an increasingly hard time explaining their behavior in any other way.

Breaches of trust

Three marquee members of the mainstream media betrayed the public's trust on Thursday. The worst was Lester Holt.

At the New York Times, a new revelation about Trump’s attempted coup isn’t worth...

Now we know exactly what Trump wanted Pence to do. But the New York Times is apparently bored with this story.

Don’t forget for a minute this was his own damn fault

It’s not gloating for political reporters to regularly point out that this could have been avoided if Trump had taken the obvious and proper precautions that he petulantly and ignorantly chose not to.

Failing to clearly identify what’s at stake in 2020 is bad journalism

The nation's political journalists face a moment of reckoning: Will they continue to treat this like a normal election, acting as if both sides have equally compelling claims on the American voter? Or will they sound the alarm, and make it clear in every story precisely what is at stake for the country?

Washington Post campaign reporters describe Trump’s epic failings as ‘self-sabotage’

What do you call it when Donald Trump continuously spouts overtly racist and authoritarian rhetoric while obdurately refusing to take the necessary action to stop a raging pandemic? If you’re a campaign reporter for the elite media, you call it a tactical mistake.