New York Times tees up impeachment hearings with epic false equivalence and both-siderism

The paper of record takes a position of neutrality on what is true and what is not as it limbers up to cover the public phase of the impeachment process.

Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor for the New York Times, reveals his own toxic...

Weisman essentially asserted that urban areas -- not just Detroit and Minneapolis, but Atlanta, and Austin -- are not a part of America's geography at all. What's even more telling is that he obviously thought this was non-controversial -- even self-evident.

Biased or Lazy? New York Times Traffics in False Dichotomies About Democrats

The progressive vs. pragmatic, head vs. heart dichotomy is an insidious one. You are presuming an awful lot when you call something “pragmatic”; you are presuming that it will be effective -- indeed more effective than the alternative. Your are also presuming that the candidate calling for less radical change is the pragmatic one, and therefore a safer bet when it comes to electability. But that’s not necessarily pragmatism; that’s caution, or even timidity.