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Hey political reporters – get lost!

Political reporters are the worst people in the world to be setting the tone for a new presidency at a time of unparalleled challenges because they love writing about gamesmanship and hate writing about policy.

Dueling town halls finally lead some reporters to address the extreme disequilibrium between Trump...

Just as I was despairing over how campaign coverage suppresses the cataclysmic consequences of a Trump presidency, a small step forward: Our top political reporters were faced on deadline with the obvious, extreme contrast between the two choices.

Failing to clearly identify what’s at stake in 2020 is bad journalism

The nation's political journalists face a moment of reckoning: Will they continue to treat this like a normal election, acting as if both sides have equally compelling claims on the American voter? Or will they sound the alarm, and make it clear in every story precisely what is at stake for the country?

Trump coverage gets real, but the New York Times is still, inexplicably, giving him...

Mainstream journalists seem to have finally acknowledged the direct line of causality between Donald Trump’s delusions and incapacities and the federal government’s disastrous failure to respond to a public-health emergency. But the New York Times is still giving Trump the benefit of the doubt in one major way: By continuing to assume -- against all evidence -- that he is actually trying to do the right thing.

Watch Trump lose the elite political media in real time (maybe)

Political reporters have no business anywhere near the coronavirus story. But if there's one thing they do jump all over, it's a president's perceived weakness -- and Trump's botched address Wednesday night may have been a turning point.

Warren reduced Bloomberg to rubble, but elite political journalists remain focused on stopping Sanders

If the elite political journalist mindset is that the big question is how can Sanders be stopped, and Bloomberg is the only hope, then of course you can’t dump on Bloomberg without dumping on Sanders, too. Regardless of the actual facts.

Bernie Sanders only gets partial credit from the elite political media

if it had been anyone but him, the headlines would have been less grudging. Instead, as far as the Washington Post and the New York Times were concerned, it was only a partial victory – of the Democratic left.

The political media needs to get over its fetish for conflict and cheesy clickbait

The only thing that a lot of the Washington journalism crowd could talk and write about after Thursday night’s Democratic president debate was the fighting. It's like they've learned nothing from the 2016 campaign.

Covering Trump’s impeachment, the Washington Post and the Associated Press best the New York...

I compared impeachment coverage from the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Associated Press on these three criteria: How did they assess and convey the significance of the act of impeachment? How did they describe the nature of the floor debate? What did they consider most newsworthy about Trump’s campaign rally?
Ukranian soldier on a tank during a live-fire exercise during a 2016 joint training with U.S. Army troops. (U.S. Army photo)

New witness should have shifted focus to how Trump’s extortion attempts damaged national security

Reporters covering U.S. Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony largely missed an opportunity to explain how significant Ukraine is geopolitically, and how making support for Ukraine conditional on Trump’s whims weakened a bulwark against Russian expansion.