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Let me rewrite that for you!

In which I rewrite the top of news stories that really bugged me this week. Today: The New York Times gets overwrought about a delayed vote; two news organizations struggle with denominators, and more.

New York Times reporters humiliate themselves again

An overwrought and smarmy lead Times story by Jonathan Weisman and Emily Cochrane described what may end up as a blip as a sky-is-falling scenario for Democrats undermined by a “liberal revolt” that amounted to a “humiliating blow” for Biden.

Soledad O’Brien’s critique of a Pence puff piece sets off anti-NPR Twitter frenzy

NPR's 11-minute report on Pence, by “Morning Edition” co-host Rachel Martin, was profoundly empty of skepticism about either Pence’s emerging role in the Ukraine scandal or the ostensible central topic: his “political path shaped by faith.” When Soledad O’Brien called it out, she roused a Twitter rampage against the public radio network that is widely considered liberal, but engages in epic both-siderism.