Yearly Archives: 2022

Washington Post/ABC poll asks a question from an alternate universe

Saying that a Republican majority in Congress would be a "check" on Biden is sort of like saying a nuclear bomb would be a "check" on population growth.

Biden’s experiment in intelligence transparency bears repeating

Disclosures of sensitive intelligence in the runup to the Russian invasion of Ukraine mark a huge step forward -- and a success story -- for government transparency.

Why the Washington Post’s new ‘Democracy Team’ is cause for celebration

The way a news organization sets the agenda is not through editorials and opinion pieces. It's by deciding what to cover.

New York Times editor Dean Baquet doesn’t care what you think

Baquet is simply unable to acknowledge the major flaws that profoundly undermine the newsroom he has led for eight years. Rather, he lashes out at critics -- on Twitter in particular.

Breaches of trust

Three marquee members of the mainstream media betrayed the public's trust on Thursday. The worst was Lester Holt.

Read this and remember how 4 years ago we were being led by a madman

A new occasional feature: Looking back to four years ago this week, in case you've forgotten just how bad Trump was.

‘What kind of country do you want to live in?’

What should a "pro-democracy reporter" do? And what's the best way to get readers to understand the consequences should anti-democratic leaders prevail?

All governments lie – especially when it comes to acts of war

When military action or intelligence are involved, there's every reason for journalists to suspect they're being misled.

A battle plan for CNN to regain its standing as the ‘most trusted name in news’

CNN is uniquely poised to fill a vacuum in the TV news ecosphere. It's for a network that champions the truth as enthusiastically as Fox spreads lies.

Still just repeating whatever Trump says? Let me rewrite that for you.

The Washington Post’s coverage of Trump's latest ludicrous statement was utterly deadpan and stenographic. But something good happened at the New York Times!

Gaslighting in the news pages of the New York Times

Republicans, Annie Karni wrote, "have been intent on rehabilitating themselves in the eyes of voters after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol last year." That's delusional.

Facing the prospect of a Black woman justice, right-wing media goes berserk, corporate media goes wobbly

We need a healthy public debate about racial justice and redressing historical wrongs. But the media won't go there.

Celebrating muckraker Morton Mintz’s 100th birthday

As a reporter at the Washington Post for 30 years, Mintz relentlessly exposed corporate crime and misconduct, particularly in the drug, tobacco and automotive industries.

How not to write a profile of Ron Klain

Anonymous attacks have no place in a serious assessment of arguably the most powerful chief of staff since Don Regan.

You’ve got to watch ‘Democracy in Peril’ on CNN

CNN's "Democracy in Peril" is exactly how news organization should acknowledge and cover the biggest, most dangerous political story in America. Will CNN keep it going?