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So much wrong in just one paragraph by Jeremy Peters of the New York...

Times reporters have a bad habit of finding ringers to illustrate their preconceptions.

At the New York Times, it’s the comfortable versus the afflicted

The dismissive response to a complaint about negative bias in reporting about transgender people reflects an ongoing newsroom rift.

Just like Elon Musk, the New York Times can’t stop trolling the libs

In an article that laid bare the pathologies of the Times newsroom, star reporter Jeremy Peters actually wrote that what Elon Musk stands for "remains largely unclear."

Anonymous editors are a bigger problem than bylined reporters

Readers deserve to know who assigned, edited, and wrote the headline for political news stories. The should show themselves, instead of operating in anonymity – unaccountable, and also uncelebrated.

At the New York Times, the ‘Democracy Team’ is outnumbered and outgunned

Activating a “Democracy Team” -- like the Times did -- doesn’t do much good if the rest of the newsroom is on Team Impunity.

I tried to save Tom Edsall from himself. It didn’t work.

I told Tom Edsall that journalists should reject right-wing framing on culture-war issues. Then -- surprise! – Edsall went right off and did exactly what I advised against.

Political reporting hit another low last week

Political journalists, the day after a dishonest and racist strategy seems to them to have worked, write about it as a winner.

How the New York Times suckers itself into publishing Republican propaganda

The Times has been caught, once again, passing off Republican operatives as “regular” Republican voters in an article intended to show how effectively Trump is maintaining his support.

Bernie Sanders only gets partial credit from the elite political media

if it had been anyone but him, the headlines would have been less grudging. Instead, as far as the Washington Post and the New York Times were concerned, it was only a partial victory – of the Democratic left.