Yearly Archives: 2021

Fox News is not news. Say it with me.

What we in the greater journalism community must do to distance ourselves from a so-called "news" network that engages in the opposite of journalism.

Failing to call out ‘critical race theory’ as a racist dog whistle? Let me rewrite that for you!

Isn't it crazy that reporters are writing so much more about how winning a strategy it is than about what a lie it is? That they're quoting people opposed to "critical race theory" who have no idea what it really is and yet are sure it's in their schools even when it's not?

“Confrontations” cloud Big Sky Country? Let me rewrite that for you!

A fascinating tale about extreme Trumpists creating havoc in daily life becomes a big mess when the author tries to hang a one-sided story on a both-sides frame.

Jackie Calmes has an assignment for failing political reporters

The former New York Times White House reporter called on all reputable media organizations to take a concrete first step towards ending false equivalence by vowing never to use a quote that reporters and editors know is a lie without immediately refuting it.

The sky is falling

There are existential dangers to our democracy, our way of life, and our core values.  But our top journalists seem unable to recognize that and reassess how they go about their work.

Arsonist heroically agrees not to light deadly fire? Let me rewrite that for you!

Mitch McConnell is getting exactly the kind of coverage he had hoped for -- and had every reason to expect -- from a press corps that is incapable of holding the Republican Party accountable for anything.

A bizarre oversight in Facebook coverage (called interoperability)

Its premise is simple: Individuals should be able to choose their own rules about what they see, rather than letting Facebook’s algorithms do it.

Let me rewrite that for you!

In which I rewrite the top of news stories that really bugged me this week. Today: The New York Times gets overwrought about a delayed vote; two news organizations struggle with denominators, and more.

New York Times reporters humiliate themselves again

An overwrought and smarmy lead Times story by Jonathan Weisman and Emily Cochrane described what may end up as a blip as a sky-is-falling scenario for Democrats undermined by a “liberal revolt” that amounted to a “humiliating blow” for Biden.

Andrew Taylor exit interview: Dysfunctional Congress and “scoop culture” lead reporters to over-hype faux drama

Reporters rush madly after deceptive talking points and hype conflict, rather than focusing on the big story, which is how little Congress actually does.

Press Watch mission statement: Political journalism needs a reset

No one can possibly argue that modern political journalism has fulfilled its essential mission of creating an informed electorate. Here's how it needs to change.

At the New York Times, a new revelation about Trump’s attempted coup isn’t worth mentioning

Now we know exactly what Trump wanted Pence to do. But the New York Times is apparently bored with this story.

Political journalists are both-siding a “crisis” caused entirely by the GOP

Republican congressional leaders are flagrantly ginning up a major political and financial crisis -- safe in the knowledge that the Washington press corps will blame both sides.

The ‘why’ behind the lie

Calling a lie a lie is better than using a euphemism. But it’s still a disservice to the public if you don’t explain its purpose.

20 years after 9/11, political journalists decry extreme polarization but blame no one, certainly not themselves

The same elite journalists who contemporaneously failed to hold the responsible parties accountable are now telling us self-servingly that there is really no one to blame.