Yearly Archives: 2022

At the New York Times, the ‘Democracy Team’ is outnumbered and outgunned

Activating a “Democracy Team” -- like the Times did -- doesn’t do much good if the rest of the newsroom is on Team Impunity.

Donald Trump wasn’t detached from reality. He was opposed to reality.

At this point, it’s doing Trump a huge favor to suggest that he didn’t know what was real. But that’s exactly what the New York Times and others are telling us.

The January 6 committee is wrong about one thing

The committee is hoarding information that it should be making public, starting now.

At January 6 hearings, revelation plus context equals bombshell

Reporters and editors covering the Jan. 6 committee hearings should think through, ahead of time, what revelations would qualify as bombshells -- so they can put them in context on deadline.

The January 6 committee is doing what the political media failed to do

I fear that our top newsroom leaders and political reporters will respond defensively and contemptuously, using partisan framing, both-sidesism, bad sports analogies, and theater-criticism analysis to marginalize and mock a sincere and desperately needed exercise in truth-telling.

Why isn’t the media taking the threat of nuclear war more seriously?

It seems to me that we ought to be talking about the threat of nuclear escalation in Ukraine -- and making absolutely sure that U.S. policy won't make things worse.

Barry Sussman, the unsung hero of Watergate, was a champion of watchdog journalism

He was a giant of journalism, one of the all-time great editors, and unlike so many others, he never lost his passion for holding the powerful accountable.

All police lie

News organizations are belatedly "raising questions" about the police response at Robb Elementary School, now that it appears we were all wildly misled.

It’s the Republicans who have turned guns into a political issue

Reporters are getting the gun control story all wrong. It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It's about whether Republicans can put politics aside in the name of the little boys and girls of Uvalde and Newtown and whichever town is next.

Can the New York Times save itself — and us?

The Times has lost its bearings when it comes to political coverage -- at the worst possible time. The new editor, Joe Kahn, will need to betray his predecessor to put it back on course.

Replacement rhetoric is the litmus test the media has been waiting for

The concept of the intentional replacement of white people by nonwhite people, in any form, is a racist conspiracy theory that should be abhorrent to everyone.

A “challenge” to Biden’s battle against racism? Let me rewrite that for you.

I would have written that the Buffalo massacre was a gruesome reminder of the importance of Biden’s desire to “restore the soul of America”.

CBS helps world’s biggest arms dealer hone his pitch

The network invited the CEO of Lockheed onto its marquee news show to talk about the war -- and tossed him bouquets.

Warnings of 1/6 attack were ignored for obvious but still unnamed reasons

Reporters have blamed "intelligence failures" and "unique breakdowns" in communication, when the obvious reason law enforcement leaders didn't mobilize was racism and Trumpism.

Has the American press corps entirely forgotten about Iraq?

There are times, especially at war, when things we believe at the time turn out to be wrong. The press's role should be to aggressively question every governmental act that leads to death and destruction, even if the intent seems noble.