Yearly Archives: 2022

Was Biden right? Or was Biden wrong? The national media won’t say

Our elite political reporters are too arrogant and afraid to answer.

Anonymous editors are a bigger problem than bylined reporters

Readers deserve to know who assigned, edited, and wrote the headline for political news stories. The should show themselves, instead of operating in anonymity – unaccountable, and also uncelebrated.

The best and worst political journalism of the week

My week in tweets: The New York Times dominates the best AND the worst; and how everyone whiffed on "the memo".

Coverage of Ron DeSantis shows the media has learned nothing from Trump

He is counting on mainstream journalists, once again, being so desperate to cast themselves as “impartial” that they will normalize what is effectively 21st-century American fascism.

The New York Times has a diversity problem

New evidence shows that New York Times management doesn’t just underappreciate diversity in its newsroom, but actively devalues it.

By firing Brian Stelter, CNN is capitulating to disinformation rather than fighting it

CNN’s latest big move is a huge victory for Fox. By firing Brian Stelter, CNN’s new management has rid Fox – temporarily, I hope – of one of its chief scourges.

Not clear on who’s threatening democracy? Let me rewrite that for you.

Journalists should be making absolutely clear that Republican candidates for key state and federal offices are fully prepared to steal any future election that doesn’t go their way – making the conspiracy theory they spread about 2020 actually come true in 2024.

The phrase you’re looking for is “stochastic terrorism”

Calling certain forms of violent rhetoric stochastic terrorism is essential to holding the perpetrators accountable for the tragic consequences.

Is the sum of the tweets greater than the tweets?

Looking back on the past four weeks of my tweets, one of the themes that emerges is that covering Trump was all a game for our top political journalists, who were competing for short-term attention when they should have been crusading for the truth.

Trump’s every lie was intentional

Even after our top political reporters started using the right word to describe Trump's lies, they didn’t explain why he was lying. That was a huge mistake, with major repercussions today.

Who will speak for the people?

For a lot of us, the news makes us feel sick to our stomachs, screaming mad, and terrified for our country’s future as a functioning democracy. Who will speak for us?

Who hates inclusivity? The question answers itself.

There’s currently no widely acceptable way for the rich, white and cis to directly express their desire to maintain their position of control and power and superiority over others. So all the emotional intensity – and money – behind that worldview gets poured into this insane bucket of anti-wokeism.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was even more terrifying than they’re telling you

What Hutchinson clearly indicated is that Trump intended to storm into the House chamber at the head of the mob and demand that Congress declare him the winner. They call that dictatorship.

Massive media fail: Abortion coverage ignores misogyny, theocracy, and so much more

Where are the feminist voices in the news coverage of the overturning of Roe v. Wade? I sought some out.

Dear political reporters: You’ve got your election narrative now

When gas prices shot up, the narrative shifted dramatically. Inflation became the central trope of midterm coverage. This is so much more important than gas prices.