Trump and the Coronavirus

I wrote a lot about the coverage of Trump’s response to the pandemic, and here is what was clear all along: He had no real plan to restore the country to health other than to peddle false hopepredict a quick end, adopt fake deadlines and shift the blame to others. The most urgent need was to testtesttest, and either he didn’t get it or he didn’t want to know the results because they would “look bad”. The media blew its coverage by letting political reporters lead instead of health and science reporters. Political reporters paid way too much attention to whatever Trump said, such that whatever it was made headlines. They let Trump set the agenda instead of letting knowledgeable people do it. Political reporters also gave Trump way too much credit for trying. They covered up for his incoherenceignorancecluelessnessgaslighting, and yes, just plain stupidity. They failed to properly exploit their rare access to him by confronting him with facts and piercing his bubble. They remained complacent in the face of a massive death toll, instead of relentlessly demanding more forceful action.