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Trump coverage gets real, but the New York Times is still, inexplicably, giving him...

Mainstream journalists seem to have finally acknowledged the direct line of causality between Donald Trump’s delusions and incapacities and the federal government’s disastrous failure to respond to a public-health emergency. But the New York Times is still giving Trump the benefit of the doubt in one major way: By continuing to assume -- against all evidence -- that he is actually trying to do the right thing.

Watch Trump lose the elite political media in real time (maybe)

Political reporters have no business anywhere near the coronavirus story. But if there's one thing they do jump all over, it's a president's perceived weakness -- and Trump's botched address Wednesday night may have been a turning point.

Time to tune Trump out

The main message reporters should convey about Trump and the coronavirus crisis is that he is out of touch with reality and failing to lead. And in the absence of that leadership, our nation’s best journalists need to enable our nation’s smartest people to set the agenda.

Get political reporters off the coronavirus story because they don’t distinguish between right and...

One of the many ways the public is ill-served by the White House chokehold on information about the coronavirus crisis is that it gives way too big a role to the White House press corps, which sees everything through a political lens – and a warped political lens, at that. But this story is too damned important to be covered as a two-sided battle over who’s winning the narrative.

Trump’s dangerous ignorance ought to be a top story

Donald Trump’s profound cluelessness about what’s involved in fighting a pandemic was on such blatant display Monday that it should have been one of the top stories of the day.

Trump, unbound, escalates his blustering attacks on the courts – and reporters do stenography

What political reporters (and, perhaps more importantly, their editors) need to realize is that when Trump says something this ridiculous, what he said exactly isn’t as important as that he said it.

No room for skepticism on the Washington media’s Barr-Trump breakup watch

In a sign of how clickbait values have triumphed over journalistic skepticism, a rumor that Attorney General William Barr told some people that he was thinking of possibly resigning over President Trump’s Twitter habit was eagerly spread by the city’s top political journalists Tuesday night.

Political journalists are sounding the alarm. They mustn’t stop.

A major pillar of our democracy -- equal protection under the law -- is crumbling under Donald Trump’s increasingly brazen assaults. And it’s the free press’s job to sound the alarm, expose the damage, and champion its restoration. Some journalists are doing just that.

The folly of writing that Trump ‘hits back’

How do you normalize something as appalling as Donald Trump’s purge of truth tellers? If you’re a star reporter at the New York Times, you make it sound like he’s just fighting back.

The profoundly abnormal state of the union

Nancy Pelosi decided the whole thing was abnormal enough that she did something overtly transgressive. So yeah, debate among yourselves: Is it time to be transgressive? I would certainly argue that it is.